Self-booking for Frequent Flyers

Earn Qantas Points and access savings for your business when travellers book through or the Qantas App.

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Earn, save and manage trips with ease

Member savings

Travellers can take advantage of member savings when they use the Qantas app or to book for business.


Your business earns Qantas Points on eligible flights because your ABN is automatically populated.

Company bookings

You can easily view and manage all your company bookings.

How to do this

  1. Go to the Manage people page in your account
  2. Add a traveller
  3. If you want travellers to access this feature, make sure 'Enable Frequent Flyer self-booking feature' is checked Access to member savings Access to member savings
  4. Choose 'Add' and we will notify your travellers by email to let them know they can book flights for your business in the Qantas App.
Manage travellers

Good to know

You have full control

Travellers in your account will have access to this feature. You have full control to turn this feature on or off for each traveller in the Manage people page.

Keep track of bookings

In the Company bookings page, view all bookings for your business made through Qantas Business Rewards and through the Frequent Flyer self-booking feature.

Book through travel agents

Remember, Member Savings are available through your travel agent and online at Qantas Business Rewards.

Book through

If you're booking through (and not Qantas Business Rewards) don't forget to select 'business' when prompted and add the Freqent Flyer number to ensure the booking earns Qantas Points for your business and for your travellers.