Easily book flights for business

Have all your travel information in one place, plus enjoy exclusive business savings1 and, importantly, earn points2 on your bookings

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Enjoy member savings and earn Qantas Points for you and your company when you book through Qantas Business Rewards, qantas.com or the Qantas app. 

All itineraries are stored in one easy-to-find place in the Company bookings section.

Travellers can also see bookings for business within their Qantas Frequent Flyer account.

Enjoy these benefits without entering your ABN for every booking.

How to do this

1. Simply log in to Qantas Business Rewards and use the flight booking tool on your dashboard.

Good to know

You can also book through travel agents

Remember, member savings are available through your travel agent and online at Qantas Business Rewards.

You can also book through qantas.com

If you're booking through qantas.com (and not Qantas Business Rewards) don't forget to select 'business' when prompted and add the Freqent Flyer number to ensure the booking earns Qantas Points for your business and for your travellers3

Book via the Qantas App

Earn Qantas Points and access savings for your business when travellers book through the Qantas App. See our self-booking feature.