$1 = Up to 1 Qantas Point

on customer transactions

Why choose Live eftpos

Live eftpos offer safe and secure mobile payment devices that incorporate advanced technology, sleek design and durable construction. Live eftpos devices are ideal for businesses such as hospitality, retail, delivery services or taxis that thrive on pay-anywhere, pay-anytime technology.

  • 24/7 member portal to access your account
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Integration with over 400 point of sale (POS) systems
  • Extensive network coverage through connectivity+

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$1 = 1 Qantas Point, uncapped*

Live eftpos

$25 = 1 Qantas Point, uncapped+


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How to receive Qantas Points



Join Qantas Business Rewards for free through Live eftpos.


Register for a

Live eftpos device.  


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Live eftpos device.


Receive Qantas Points within 60 days of receiving your end of month statement.

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